Name ⬦ Odeza
Species ⬦ Scio
Gender ⬦ ‘Male’
Scio Age ⬦ 10000+
Human Age ⬦ 33
Birthday ⬦ Aug 8
Occupation ⬦ Bodyguard/Security


Odeza is one of the oldest Scio. His mind and mave contain different properties and traits than contemporary Scio. He has always been committed to the well-being of all Scio. He is exceptionally skilled in close combat especially with his knives. In combat, he is extremely focused and does not utter a word until victory. Otherwise, he is a very relaxed Scio with a charming gaze. He lives with his closest friend and combat partner, Grimace.

Lore Details

Ombra ⬦ Can manifest pockets of voids

Ombra Attributes
⬦ Everything in the voids cease to exist
⬦ A Scio will forgot anything inside a void
⬦ Can create voids in the shapes of spheres
⬦ Typical size of a void is a radius of 30cm~50cm
⬦ Max volume and size is unknown
⬦ Can only control voids within 20m of his body (as a Scio)
⬦ Can only manifest voids for a few minutes at a time (as a Scio)


⬦ Loves fashion and brand name clothing
⬦ Skilled in using knives
⬦ Primarily uses his Ombra to store tens of thousands of knives
⬦ Can disassemble his body into knives
⬦ He likes his knives
⬦ His mind is literally filled with empty thoughts
⬦ One of the original 5 Scio (ie. very old)
⬦ Believes Greenwich stole his hairstyle
⬦ Has 2 knives impaled in his head (to prevent Grimsby from reading his mind)


Romantic ⬦ Grimsby
Friends ⬦ Grimace, Grimsly, Circa