About Me

☂️ Where are you from?
Earth, unfortunately

☂️ What is your age?
Old enough to really not give a shit about most things

☂️ When is your birthday?
Sometime this year.

☂️ Is art your job?
No. I most literally make negative money off my art.

☂️ What do you do as a living then?
9-5 day job that pays the bills and keeps me out of trouble.

☂️ How can I contact you?

☂️ Who are your inspirations/favourite artists?
Namie, LM7, neco, Kurot, kuroboshi, matcha, KIncora, liduke, きばどりリュー, 水視ずみ. I have so many artistic inspirations but these are the main ones.

☂️ What type of music do you like?
I am kind of all over the place with type of music. I really like shoegazer, alternative rock, lofi and progressive metal. Some of my favourite musicians are: World’s End Girlfriend, Inabakumori, Sewerslvt, Holy Fawn, TOOL, ODESZA, Purity Ring, j^p^n, and Sigur Ros.

☂️ Why do you draw a lot of boys with black and/or white hair?
Because I like boys with black and/or white hair.

Using my Art

☂️ Can I repost your art?
Even if your intent in sincere, please do not repost. I post all my art on popular social sites and you can link/reblog/quote/etc directly and comment on/share it.

Fanart reposting is fine with credit. Please credit me (sombrely) and link to my homepage (https://machinesandvoids.com) and/or appropriate site (ex. Posting my Twitter link on Twitter posts, etc).

☂️ Can I use your art for my profile picture on X social site?
Fanart = yes, with credit and link.
OC = no.

☂️ Can I use your art for my Youtube video (or video project)?
Email me and ask because I need to evaluate the purpose, content and if the video is monetized.

☂️ Can I use your original art for my RP, face claim, etc?
No. My OCs and their design are for my personal use only.

☂️ Can I use your art for NFTs, AI training, etc?

☂️ Can I draw your OCs?
Please review the drawing guidelines.

Art Related

☂️ Can you make tutorials on anything?
No, as I don’t have the time and honestly, most things I do are from tutorials I found online; I am still learning and discovering my style. This isn’t a hard ‘no’, but generally I am too busy working on my other projects to dedicate time to this.

☂️ Why is your art style all over the place?
I originally did anime style in my youth, then for 4 or so years I switch to a more semi-realism style. I decided to start drawing anime again as I realized this is the style I actually want to draw in. I am still trying to discover ‘my style’, but to be honest, it’s just always been all over the place.

☂️ Why do you only draw OC stuff?
I love my OCs. I can think of no better consumption of my time than drawing them.

☂️ What tools do you use?
I use Clip Studio Paint EX. I occasionally use Blender for object perspectives. I use XP-PEN Artist 22E Pro 21.5 display tablet for drawing.

☂️ What are your PC specs?
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 7nm 16-Core GeForce RTX 3080 2TB SSD 32GB RGB RAM. I use a Steelseries keyboard and mouse (nothing special; I just want pretty lights).

☂️ Is any content behind a paywall?
Not at this time. Considering I work fulltime, it feels weird to charge for content when I don’t need the money. And I’m a small creator, so putting my works behind a paywall means probably no one is going to see it anyway. I also don’t want to commit to release schedules and rather just share everything I do for free. All art and content I make will be publicly available.

☂️ How can I support you?
Sharing my webcomic and showing support for my webcomic is honestly the best way to support me. I do not have any solid monetary method to support my work at the moment (Patreon, merch, etc), but I appreciate the sentiment if you want to throw some money my way. There are plenty of ways to support my work for free! Follow my socials and read my webcomic are the main things.

Here are ways to show your support me for free:
– subscribecommentlike the webcomic on Tapas and/or Web Toon
– recommend my comic to others to read or suggest it for promotion when and where applicable
– followsretweets/quote/sharelikes on my socials (Twitter and Instagram are where I am most active)
– follow/subscribe on Youtube or TikTok

☂️ Do you take commissions?
Commission status is here, but they have not been open for a while. Closed indefinitely for the time being.

☂️ Do you take X commission?
If it’s not listed in the commission page, I don’t offer it as a paid service.

☂️ Are you open for collaborations or cross promotion?
Generally, no. I will consider it with mutual contacts.

☂️ Do you accept art trades, art exchanges or do guest art?
Generally, no. I will consider it with mutual contacts.

☂️ Do you accept requests?

☂️ Can you draw X? Why don’t you draw Y? You should draw Z.
Ya of course, man. Why draw what I want
If you didn’t get the sarcasm, I do not take suggestions of things/subject matter to draw as random comments. It should also be noted I generally draw what I want.

☂️ I don’t like what you draw and/or you don’t draw stuff I agree with.

Then why are you wasting your time on me? Like seriously, just block me and move on.

☂️ Your characters remind me of A. Your story reminds me of B.

(ie. wtf and idc; just tell me I’m an uncreative hack and move on 🤡)


☂️ What is with all the umbrellas?

I like this emoji. It is a signature prop of my OC Sentience.

☂️ Can I have your handle?
$10 MIL US per handle per site. That is my minimum offer; feel free to offer more. But seriously, 🤡please spare me the guilt trip and you looking like a complete ass🤡. You are all really funny if you think I’d just hand it over out of the kindness out of my heart (especially quitting your brand after a few months of whining to me) 🤡🤡🤡