🌿 Where are you from?

🌿 What is your age?

🌿 When is your birthday?

🌿 Is art your job?
No – it is strictly a hobby. I most literally make negative money off my art lol

🌿 What do you do as a living then?

🌿 Why is everything listed as confidential? Everything you mentioned you reveal on stream.
I’d rather people find out that information by actually following my work and socials. I like to keep my identity a little bit of a mystery and let people who genuinely like my work discover what kind of person I am instead of giving all the information upfront.

🌿 How can I contact you?
If you want to chill and chat with me, you can do so in my Discord. For serious inquiries (ex. commissions, how did you do x, collab, etc), you can DM me on Twitter or send me an email somber[at]machinesandvoids.com. If you are going to message me about giving over my handle, please scroll down to the ‘Miscellaneous’ section of Q&A.

🌿 Who are your inspirations/favourite artists?
Namie, LM7, neco, Kurot, kuroboshi, matcha, KIncora, liduke, きばどりリュー, and many more. I have so many artistic inspirations but these are the main ones.

🌿 What type of music do you like?
I am kind of all over the place with type of music. I really like shoegazer, alternative rock and progressive metal. Some of my favourite musicians are: World’s End Girlfriend, Inabakumori, Sewerslvt, Holy Fawn, TOOL, ODESZA, Purity Ring, j^p^n, and many more.


🌿 How did you make your avatar?
I did the base in VRoid (free program) and then made modifications in Blender.

🌿 What is your avatar’s story?
It’s kind of in progress. There is not story at this point. It’s just me, the artist Somber.

🌿 What is the ✦ symbol I see everywhere on stream and on your avatar?
It’s called a Luma. The inspiration come from luma in video. It is related to my webcomic lore.


🌿 Can you make tutorials on anything?
No as I don’t have the time and honestly, most things I do are from tutorials I found online. If you want to see how I draw, illustrate or format my webcomic, please attend one of my streams.

🌿 Why is your art style all over the place?
I originally did anime style in my youth, then for the last 4 or so years I switch to a more semi-realism style. I decided to start drawing anime again as I realized this is the style I actually want to draw in.

🌿 What tools do you use?
I use Adobe Photoshop CC I have been converted to Clip Studio Paint EX for drawing; all drawings prior to July 2022 was done in Adobe Photoshop CC.  I occasionally Blender for object perspectives. I use XP-PEN Artist 22E Pro 21.5 display tablet for drawing. I use Blender and Vroid for my Vtuber avatar.

🌿 What are your PC specs?
My PC is actually shit. I don’t even know how to look up this info lmao I finally upgraded my PC. These are the specs: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 7nm 16-Core GeForce RTX 3080 2TB SSD 32GB RGB RAM

🌿 Is any content behind a paywall?
Not at this time. For now, all art and content I make will be publicly available. I may introduce incentives for Twitch subs and Ko-Fi supports such as first in line for commissions. My webcomics and illustrations will always be available for free.

🌿 How can I support you (financially or for free)?
See here!

🌿 Do you take commissions?
Commission status is here. I also do channel point commissions for watch time on my stream.

🌿 Do you take X commission?
I am only doing character art commissions to keep it simple. I will not have commissions for designing characters, L2D/3D or stream assets (overlays, emotes, etc).

🌿 Are you open for collaborations or cross promotion?
Generally, no. I will consider it with mutual contacts.

🌿 Do you accept art trades, art exchanges or do guest art?
Please contact me as my schedule changes.

🌿 Do you accept requests?
I do have a suggestion channel on my Discord that is intended for regular members. You must join my Discord to access the form. I also do channel point commissions for watch time on my stream.

🌿 Why is everything locked behind a Discord server? It’s annoying to join so many communities.
It’s the easiest way for me to post content and chat with my community. This keeps trolls, bots and randos from abusing potential ‘free’ stuff. If you are making the effort to join and post in my Discord server, you get (free) perks that others do not. It’s free to join, so I don’t see any issue 🙂

🌿 Can you draw X? Why don’t you draw Y? You should draw Z.
I do not take suggestions of things/subject matter to draw as random comments. It should also be noted I generally draw what I want. See above about requests and how to request art from me.

🌿 Your characters remind me of A. Your story reminds me of B.

(ie. wtf and idc; just tell me I’m an uncreative hack and move on 🤡)


🌿 Can I have your handle?
$10 MIL US per handle per site. That is my minimum offer; feel free to offer more. But seriously, please spare me the guilt trip and you looking like a complete ass. I really don’t give a fuck.