About Me

My name is Somber (aka Sombrely). I am an illustrator, webcomic creator and indie dev.

I love drawing my original characters that I created in the past 10 years. After all this time, I am telling their stories through my webcomic and game project. I tend to draw primarily my ocs as I love them so much.

I like to play gacha games like Arknights and Genshin. I play most games on the casual level as in I’m not trying to whale to get all characters/weapons/items or super meta gaming.

Content I like to draw: BL, my ocs, gacha games, Vtubers

Contact Info

DMs are closed everywhere because of spam and weirdos.

For serious inquiries:
Email ➡ somber[at]machinesandvoids.com

My Links

Below is a list of common 3rd party sites I use and manage. If the link is not listed here, it’s inactive or not me. Generally, sombrely is my main handle.

Socials and Art

Twitter ➡ sombrely (main)

Gallery and Dev