Commission Status: CLOSED (as of June 2022)
Planned opening date: September 2022

General Info

  • ⚠️ Please read the Terms and Conditions before ordering
  • Commissions are for personal use only
  • Payment is in full using PayPal invoice
  • Prices are in US dollars
    • Tips are not required and completely optional
  • Only the commissioner can re-post the commission
  • I do not take Zine or collabs at this time
  • Refunds will be automatic if I do not finish your commission in 6 months



  1. I own the copyright for the illustration
    • I can post the illustration on my site or social media as a sample of my work
    • I will not sell the illustration in isolation (ex. print, merchandise)
    • I do not do private commissions at this time (commissions will be posted online)
  2. General commissions are for personal use only and can’t be used for merchandise or assets for your brand

    • You are not authorized to sell merchandise with the commissioned illustration (prints, t-shirts, etc)
    • You are allowed to print or make personal merchandise; you can not make money off the commissioned artwork
    • You are not authorized to use commissioned art for stream assets, content creation assets or promotional assets
      • This includes, but not limited to: stream schedules, overlays (ex. start stream), Youtube thumbnails, Twitch panel art, etc
      • You must purchase a commercial commission to use as an asset for your content
  3. Only the commissioner can re-post the commission illustration
  4. Any work-in-progress or sketches are only offered for illustrations by request
  5. Artwork can’t be minted (NFT, etc)
  6. I have the right to decline any commission without explanation
  7. I have the right to cancel/refund any commission without reason
  8. I will not make any major changes after the final commission is delivered
    • Small changes or missing details can be added
    • Large changes can be done, but will cost additional fees


  • Payment is in full using PayPal invoice – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Prices are in US dollars – if you try to pay in any other currency, I will cancel the commission request
  • I do not take any negotiations on commission price
  • I do not do payment plans
  • Price may vary with character complexity or accessories (ex. weapons, pets)
  • Any huge changes requested after the artwork is completed will cost extra – NO EXCEPTIONS
    • A separate invoice will be sent and no changes will be done until the invoice is paid
  • I do not take requests or art trades
  • I do not do art contests or gift exchanges
  • I do not do free original character/vtuber art


  • Refunds can be offered if I have not started your commission
  • ⚠️ I will issue auto-refunds if I do not complete your commission in 6 months
    • Yes, you heard me right: I will refund your invoice if I don’t complete your commission in 6 months
    • This ensure you don’t have to chase after me for updates (makes it less awkward for both of us)
    • If I do not finish your commission in 6 months, please understand I probably did not have time/motivation to work on it
    • I will fully communicate if I intend to refund and next steps via email



  • I only draw humanoid characters
  • Picture references are required; I do not work off descriptions

Will Do

  • ✔️ Original characters
  • ✔️ Fanart, but prefer original characters
  • ✔️ Partial nudity
    • ✔️ Bare breasts and bare butt are OK
    • ✔️ Skimpy clothing
    • ✔️ Can be slightly NSFW
  • ✔️ Light gore
  • ✔️ Small animals (cats, dogs, birds, original creations)
  • ✔️ Couples

Will NOT Do

  • 🚫 Anthro/furry (may change in future)
  • 🚫 Large animals (may change in future)
  • 🚫 Mecha or mecha suits
  • 🚫 Characters with lots of armor
  • 🚫 Genitalia or sexual acts
  • 🚫 Fetishes



How to Order (CLOSED)

Use the Google Form here

If you are ordering more than 1 character, please send multiple forms (1 form per character)