The Lore of Machines and Voids

Scio are an original species I created as lore in my original universe known as Machines and Voids. Scio are made of mave and use mave to create ombras. Ombras are powerful abilities that the Scio use. Mave and Ombras are part of my original magic system within the Machines and Voids universe.

About Scio: A Scio is an omnipotent entity that can create shadows without the use of a light source. The Scio are created by an elder god called the Vio. The Scio use these shadows known as ‘Ombras’. Ombras are powerful abilities Scios can use. Scios are not able to create colour on their own; they must have access the Luma in order to create colours on their bodies (ex. eye colour, clothing colours, etc). Scio disappear in direct light if they do not have Luma in their bodies. Scio avoid the touch of biological species due to the severe amount of radiation and other cosmic dust that naturally stores in their bodies.

Physical Appearance of Scio: All Scio are all adult males with slender, androgynous bodies. Their skin is pure white, they have black nails, their eyes grey and their hair either black and/or white.

Age of Scio: Scio follow a different date structure. The scio date and time structure is: 1000 seconds in a minute, 1000 minutes in an hour, 1000 hours in a night, and 1000 nights in a year. ‘Scio age’ is their lore age, while the ‘Human age’ is a reference to what age I picture them as physically and mentally (for the most part – despite Odeza‘s scio age and human age, he is still an idiot). All my ocs are adults.

My Precious OCs

Grimsby 🫐💤
Sivera 🍒✂️
Odeza 🍊🗡️
Grima 🐦🌸
Sentience ☂️⌛
Surreal 💉🍵
Grimace 🔫🕶️


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Drawing Guidelines and Lore Usage

Thank you for drawing my OCs. Either as a commission or just because, thank you!!! 😭 I am pretty protective of my OCs and their universe. I am all for artistic freedom and everyone has their own way of interpreting a character. All I really ask is to stay close to the original design of the character. If you are unsure, you can always ask me.

Please review the following guidelines.

  • I do not allow use of the Machines and Voids lore and characters for RP or making your own character with the lore (ie. fan characters)
    • While my designs and lore is nothing new or crazy unique, please don’t blatant copy, face claim, etc.
    • No fan characters or designs using my lore
  • Please use the designs provided for their appearance. Additionally:
    • No genderbends (I have no problems with genderbends, but prefer their standard designs)
    • No original clothing
    • No adding details/items that would heavily deviate from their original design/personality/etc. (ex. adding a cardigan when the design doesn’t have one)
    • No association to any group/cause/etc., via symbols, colours, flags, etc., from the real world in their design
      • This includes when referring to or posting the character/artwork online
    • No extensive modification of their clothing (ex. making long sleeved shirt into t-shirt)
    • While I do my own modifications to their design, I would rather fanart be of the standard design provided
    • Please stay true to their body types and approximate age