Name ⬦ Grimsby
Species ⬦ Scio
Gender ⬦ ‘Male’
Scio Age
⬦ 1000+
Human Age ⬦ 28
Birthday ⬦ Dec 31
Occupation ⬦ Linguist, Translator, Language professor


Grimsby is a quiet Scio that occupies his free time with sleeping and reading. He doesn’t smile. Engulfed in solitude and quietness. Despite his demeanor, is very polite and soft spoken (to most). Keeps to himself.

Lore Details

Ombra ⬦ Can read and manipulate the conscious and unconscious minds of Scio

Ombra Attributes
⬦ Can read the thoughts and memories of other Scio
⬦ Can manipulate dreams, can suppress memories
⬦ His Ombra consumes a lot of mave to use and considered the main source of his fatigue
⬦ Due to his Ombra consuming a lot of mave, his natural regeneration of mave is very high
⬦ His mave is very distinct and described as tasting ‘luscious’, ‘felicitous’ and ‘ambrosial’


⬦ Can fluently speak, read and write over 10000 languages
⬦ Office is a complete fucking mess
⬦ Has a cat-like Ombra-created pet named Demien
⬦ Uses overly complicated language and words when speaking
⬦ Heavy smoker of certain types of mave (smoking mave has a different effect than consuming it)
⬦ Reads a lot (obviously)


Romantic ⬦ Odeza
Servant ⬦ Grima
Alter Ego ⬦ Sivera
Friends ⬦ Sentience, Caraway, Surreal