Original Name → Somber
Nicknames/Alias → Sombrely (som-bra-lee), ソンバーリ
(私のお名前「ソンバーリ」は字義だ → 日本語:暗澹)
Emoji/Oshi → 🌼🌿

Gender → Female
→ ???
Birthday → ???
Languages → English (native), Japanese (beginner)
Zodiac Sign → Aquarius

Affiliation → Independent (Machines and Voids)


Model Design → Somber

L2D Art → Somber (not yet released)
L2D Rig → Valgrim
3D → Somber (in VRoid, Blender)

Twitch Emotes → Somber
Sub Badges → Somber
Twitch Profile Art → Somber

Model Reference → Coming Soon
Art Tag → @ me directly

Fanworks Guide

Generally, I like to keep myself SFW-ish, as in, non-explicit art. Fanservice art is OK.
Glasses on or off is fine with me. Cat ears also optional.

If you want to share the artwork with me, you can tag me directly and/or use #sombrely (Twitter), #somberocs (Instagram)

Story Games Completed on Stream

Stray: Completed. 100/10
Elden Ring: Completed. 9.9/10 (can’t beat cat game)
Janitor Bleeds: Completed. 7/10
Amnesia Rebirth: Completed. 5/10
Hylics: Completed. 6/10
Hylics 2: Completed. 8/10
Cats Organized Neatly: Completed. 7/10 (I wish I was good at puzzles)
MOTHERED: Completed (main game). 7/10
Anemoiapolis Ch. 1: Completed. 8/10

Live Service Games and Incomplete Played on Stream

Elden Ring: Dagger only run (on going)
Arknights: live service (on-going events)
Blue Archive: live service (on-going events)
Rain World: incomplete b/c i’m bad at it
Mini Motorways: casual play, roguelike
League of Legends: live service
Haunted PS1 demo disk (Spectral Mall): various demos of indie games
Scorn: played the rest off stream since it’s kind of a slow game

Stream Credits

🌿 Model, artwork, emotes and assets ➡ me
🌿 Video editing, motion graphics ➡ valgrim_som
🌿 Stream sound effects ➡ Dova Syndrome
🌿 Loading Music ✦ Loading by Chillpeach
🌿 Cat on stream ✦ Kappamon Referral Link