Notice: Halting Streaming Activities as of August 5th

Thank you for everyone who supports my streams. I plan on streaming my pulls for Wanderer next week. After that stream, I plan on stepping away from streaming for an unknown amount of time. This isn’t a graduation as I don’t want to stop all activities, but know August 5th may be my final stream indefinitely if I don’t find the inspiration to Vtube again. I am still open for appearances on other Vtuber streams until further notice.


After I finished my Elden Ring playthrough, I haven’t really had fun streaming and it has started to become a chore to schedule streams and on what I’m exactly streaming. The hype and engagement I got streaming ER was incredible, but unfortunately, all that engagement just disappeared as soon as I finished my playthrough. I try not to let it get to me, but it does.

I am not happy with the content I provide and I know it could be better, but I’m just so discouraged to actually work on new content (such as a L2D model). I’ll be very honest, being a low viewer streamer is very hard on my mental. I am not trying to shame anyone into not attending streams; it is more I get envious of the environment of streamers that do have higher viewers. I have lost sight of why I originally wanted to stream and knew the expectations that I probably wasn’t going to be a big streamer. Unfortunately, the numbers still get to me.

I am small on all public platforms and Twitch being added to the list is just making my mental much worse. I am tired of being small on literally every platform and putting effort into all these platforms. I’m cutting the one that is taking the most effort. I can’t do the model work, emotes, overlays, alerts, finding music, OBS modifications, channel points, redeems (TITS, TriggerFyre), equipment, networking, promo art, schedules, stinger art, OBS screens, clipping, panel art, room art and whatever else meta I got to do for no return.

I’d just rather focus on my webcomic and other creative projects. Even though my webcomic isn’t popular either, I have more passion for it and can accept the low engagement on it. I love my original characters more than anything and want to focus more time on them. I wanted to make a game and know that will be difficult to stream and streaming would take time away from that.

For everyone subscribed to my Twitch channel, I completely understand if you want to cancel your sub. I’ll be very clear: I do not need financial support. If you want to keep using the emotes, they are still there to use with your sub. Please do not feel guilty about cancelling your sub.

Thank you everyone who has supported my streaming efforts. This isn’t anyone’s fault but my own. I know how my rant sounds, but to the few that attend my streams and comments/lurks, you pretty much kept me going an extra 7 months. I have been pretty much thinking about stopping Vtubing a few weeks after my Elden Ring playthrough. Do not feel guilty for lurking or not attending streams or not subbing or any other reason. This is just something I need to figure out on my own.

If you had enough points or were close to a high channel point redeem, join my Discord and you can post in ⁠#mav-general and (tag me) with a screenshot of your points and what you wanted (VIP or what you wanted drawn). I’ll deal with the redeem part in Twitch later.

This isn’t a formal graduation; I will return sometime in the future (I hope). I may, however, never return. I may reincarnate. The future is uncertain.

Thanks again for all the support on my streaming adventure.
Somber 💙